August 10, 2008

News of the Day: August 9 and 10

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  • An 8 pound, 8 ounce baby was born at 8:08 am on 8/08/08, according to a local Fergus Falls, Minnesota CBS affiliate. What if the baby girl was born at 8:08.08 — now that would have been freaky.
  • A Tennessee official has won the position of constable of Hancock County, Texas by one vote — her own, the Associated Press reports. So if she screws something up, everyone actually can blame her.
  • Runaway cows in Orrington, Maine are causing quite the ruckus, the local news reports. They must be mad cows? Did you tip them over too much?
  • Batman is apparently taking hold of his ‘Dark’ side as he robbed a Tulsa, Oklahoma grocery store, according to news reports. A brave shopped attacked the Batman, removing his mask. Oh noes!

August 8, 2008

News of the Day: August 8

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While everyone else is paying attention to the Olympics and Edwards affair, here’s some stories that caught my attention:

  • A trail of Cheetos led police to thieves, the Pioneer Press reports. It seems that three teens were suspected of pilfering candy from a vending machine. Here’s how it happened: “Police followed a trail of Cheetos from the rec center, around the side of the building and to a home in the 600 block of Rose Avenue, where a witness said she saw the suspects go, the complaint said.” Apparently they don’t believe in Holy Cheesus!
  • It’s the invasion of the pigeon-snatchers in New York City’s Chinatown, the New York Times blogs. Apparently this happens all the time in the city.
  • The Center for Disease Control released its list of the hardest drinking cities, with Austin ending up on top, ABC News reports. Milwaukee ranks second, followed by Providence, R.I., Chicago and San Francisco. Just one Northeastern state — how odd.

August 7, 2008

News of the Day: August 7

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  • Twenty-six cheerleaders got stuck on an elevator at the University of Texas, the Dallas Morning News reports. The group of 14- to 17-year olds attending the Texas Cheer Camp decided to see how many girls they could squeeze into the elevator. The elevator successful descended from the fourth to first floor, but the doors refused to open. A campus police spokeswoman notes, “There are signs everywhere: No more than 15 people or 3,000 pounds.” … Hmm, I highly doubt 26 cheerleaders weigh 3,000 lbs combined.
  • A man in Utah faces charges after he tried to attack his family with a chainsaw. But the chainsaw didn’t work, so he tried a weedwacker. That wouldn’t start either, so the man tried to run over his wife with a car. She jumped out of the way, a local station reports. EPIC FAIL.
  • The guy who sings in the commercials is a fraud, MSNBC reports in its dumbest story of the year (seriously — why did you write this?)  The guy is not American, isn’t a victim of identity theft and doesn’t actually sing! OMG! No freaking way! (hint: sarcasm) The article also calls the man behind “Dude, Where’s My Car?” and “Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle” a mastermind. Now, it all makes sense.
  • Another Qantas jet was grounded today, according to Australian news reports. The jet service hasn’t had any planes crash, but is still in FAIL mode.
  • Spelling errors at the university level are getting so bad that professors are being urged not to penalize students for incorrect grammar and spelling, the Telegraph reports. I can has mizpels pls? Kthxbai.

August 4, 2008

Degraded Political Battle

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It’s that time of the political race again — when the battle for the White House degrades itself into a series of attacks between the two primary candidates.


There’s the ‘race card’

The Obama is like Paris Hilton and Britney Spears (we’re really going to try to make that connection?)

‘The One’?

For his part, Obama doesn’t seem to be engaging in ridiculous attack ads, unless I just haven’t seen them. He released an ad today about his energy policy, attacking McCains, but its not in the same light as McCain’s ads which don’t seem to really say what McCain will do so much as try to point out Obama’s flaws.

McCain Lacks Internet Capabilities

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The presumptive nominee of the Grand Old Party barely knows how to use the Internet, the New York Times reports.

He doesn’t know how to text, blog, or Twitter and relies on young staffers to keep up his Facebook page as well as other internet doings.

While it’s not really essential for a president to know how to use the Interwebs, it would be useful for those occassions when a threat comes to light that deals with the Internet. If some terrorist is using the Internet as a way to get his message across and coordinate attacks, will McCain know enough about the web to be able to make a good decision about what should be done (without relying on the expertise of others?)

Just a few thoughts.

August 3, 2008

In the News: Decapitation

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What is wrong with people?

A rash of decapitations spanning the globe seem to be taking place. In the last few days alone:

  • A Brazilian man has confessed on Friday that he decapitated and dismembers his British girlfriend.
  • A Greek man is being held after he allegedly killed and beheaded his girlfriend on Sunday.
  • A man on a Greyhound bus decapitated and dismembered his seatmate on Thursday.

Remind me to never ride a Greyhound bus. Or have a psychotic boyfriend for that matter…

July 30, 2008


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Is Obama acting like the presumptive next President? Not just the presumptive Democratic nominee? Dana Milbank at the Washington Post seems to think so. Barack Obama has been acting presumptuous lately, not just presumptive, the columinst says.

Fresh from his presidential-style world tour, during which foreign leaders and American generals lined up to show him affection, Obama settled down to some presidential-style business in Washington yesterday.

Traffic was shut down for him as he zoomed about town in a long, presidential-style motorcade, while the public and most of the press were kept in the dark about his activities

Remind me to be thankful that I don’t have to commute to D.C.

Secret Service entered with Obama through a side door at the Cannon Caucus Room. Capitol Police cleared the halls — both of these events were what would take place for the actual president.

The press has begun to complain about Obama’s behavior, saying Obama’s campaign was “acting like the Prom Queen” and being more secretive than Bush.

After meeting with Pakistani Prime Minister, Obama’s aides issued a presidential-like statement, “I had a productive and wide-ranging discussion. . . . I look forward to working with the democratically elected government of Pakistan.”

But aren’t all campaigns about confidence — about saying you’re going to win? No one wants to listen to a candidate who says, “I will try to win, but I’m not sure I will.” And doesn’t Secret Service have a right to protect the candidate as they see best? I would think Obama would face more threats than McCain as he is more controversial. Still, Obama’s recently dealings with the media do raise some concern as to whether he’s restricting access.

News of the Day: July 30

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  • A Trinity of Sorts: Three people are claiming to see versions of Jesus or Mary in various everyday objects: the family cat, the bathtub … and Cheetos. Holy Cheesus!
  • Leaked! The opening for the Beijing Olympics has been leaked, according to the Wall Street Journal. Wait, I thought China was supposed to control the interwebs over there.
  • Fake Diploma: The Spokesman Review has released the names of individuals in the military, education and government who purchased phony and counterfeit diplomas through a local mill. I knew you were too dumb to have gone to Harvard.

July 29, 2008

News of the Day: July 29

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  • An Israeli student has apologized for taking Obama’s prayer, which was published in a paper, Religous News Service reports. I updated my previous blog on the subject earlier.
  • Olympic horses are being treated like rock-stars aboard their flight to Beijing, the New York Times reports. “The horses fly with an entourage — team grooms, veterinarians and at least one ‘flying groom,’ an equine flight attendant whose job is to make the horse as comfortable as possible,” Times reports
  • Officials at an animal shelter in Camden County, NJ, were surprised to receive a 44-pound cat who appears to have escaped from its house, the Courier-Post reports. Nicknamed Princess Chunk, it is unclear how the cat escaped its rightful owner, “She’s built like a quarterback,” said one shelter volunteer. “I mean, how do you lose a 44-pound cat?!”
  • A British family has fulfilled its quest of visiting all 50 states (plus D.C.) in the U.S., the Hattiesburg American reports. “People in America don’t realize what history they do have,” the wife and mother says. Yes, because our history only dates back 300 years, whereas England’s goes back many more centuries.
  • A New Zealand inventor has created a jetpack that he plans to market next year at $100,000 a piece, the New York Times reports. “There is nothing that even comes close to the dream that the jetpack allows you to achieve,” one man says.
  • Two groups in St. Louis are holding prayers at gasoline pumps to ask God for lower prices, The News & Observer reports. The group thinks their prayers are being answered as gas prices have lowered in the past two weeks. What happens when they go back up again?
  • A phony Joker was arrested in Michigan after he attempted to steal items related to “The Dark Knight” movie from a local theater in Three Rivers, the Detroit Free Press reports. “…police officers who were dispatched early Sunday to the Three Rivers 6 theater arrived to find employees restraining a man wearing a purple suit, a green wig and face paint in the style of Batman’s nemesis in ‘The Dark Knight.'”


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The Republican National Committee is running and financing a Web site that aims to discredit Barack Obama on many of his issues, at and

Here’s the problem — the GOP insignia in the right hand corner of both pages is not readily noticeable. I first visited BarackBook without realizing that it was run by the Republicans. I thought it was odd Obama would be “friends” with Tony Rezko and would have the status, “Barack is hoping to settle on an Iraq policy before November.” It was then I finally noticed the GOP header.

The other problem is that BarackBook looks like Facebook — and I wonder if there are any copyright or infringement issues there? Also, will people quickly see the that the site is run by the GOP or will they believe its a legitimate site about Obama?

With both sites, its easy to see that the RNC is targeting youth voters — those familiar with Facebook and other social networking sites — but won’t older Republicans or even Democrats be confused by the design?

While I’m sure we will see both sides attacking one another over the issues, I would hope the Democrats would not use the same tactics that the RNC has taken.

The only John McCain Web site that I can find that is somewhat similar is John McCain is Really Old. The site is clever and funny (see: Naps for America, and No Child on My Lawn), and, most importantly, is not run by the Democratic National Committee. While the DNC does launch similar attacks on its main Website — it is much clearer who the attacks are coming from — the opponents.

Both sites, however, do focus on a number of mistakes both candidates have made in speeches and interviews, as well as “flip-flops” in policies — which is good so long as they link to reputable sources.

To both candidates: I get tired of the back and forth that surrounds presidential elections. Don’t all these attacks just even themselves out? Couldn’t you find a better way to spend donated money?

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