July 11, 2008

Of Obama and NASCAR

Posted in Politics tagged , , , at 4:40 pm by Katharine Lackey

Obama is looking to become the primary sponsor of a NASCAR race car, SI.com is reporting. But it doesn’t look as though he is picking a winning car.

Ken Schrader will drive the entry, a Toyota, at Pocono for BAM, which is outside the top 35 in owner points and must qualify for the race on speed. The team has run just once since Martinsville due to sponsorship concerns, and has just six top-10 finishes in 167 career starts in the Cup series dating back to ’02.

While this isn’t the first time a presidential candidate has been featured on a race car with Bush receiving the “honor” in 2004, it does mark the first time a campaign has used its own money to sponsor a race car, not to mention NASCAR fans, according to SI.com, are staunchly Republican.

So this lends the question — what is Obama thinking? Is he still trying to derail his “elite” image? Is he trying to seem more in tune with “common folk”? Or is he just trying to win over some Republicans?

Who knows for sure, but as for me, I say — Obama … stick with basketball, please.


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