July 12, 2008

Trading names for gas money

Posted in Offbeat tagged , , , , at 11:50 pm by Katharine Lackey

What would you do in exchange for a $100 gas gift card?

Well if you’re David Partin, you would allow three radio shows hosts to name your unborn child Dixon Willoughby Partin.

“If nothing else, he’s going to have a damn good story behind his name and it will give him something to talk about,” Partin, 26, said of his future son, due Dec. 28.

Not to mention — scar him for life. Your son’s 8th grade class will no doubt shorten his name to “Dix” and giggle in the way that only 8th graders entering puberty can.

Congratulations sir, you just sold the name of your son for a measly $100. We all are hurting by high gas prices, but please — this goes a little too far and is another example of ‘only in America’



  1. Tracey Hudson said,

    They are idiots!! Redneck dummies looking for a way to get attenion and free stuff!

    Give the world a break and pick a name out of a baby book like everyone else!!

  2. Cheryl Sumner said,

    I hope Samantha and David look back on this and realize how silly this really was. If the father of my baby called into a radio station and did something so stupid, I would be livid. I cannot believe she would go along with this. It is a true case of Dumb and Dumber. God Bless this poor child already being brought into a world of insanity.
    My parents were too stupid to pick a name so they let some radio station do it so they could buy gas. Great story guys!

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