July 13, 2008

Obama’s Center

Posted in Politics tagged , , , at 12:22 am by Katharine Lackey

Apparently Barack Obama supporters who lean to the far-left aren’t too happy with the candidate these days, reports the New York Times.

“I’m disgusted with him,” said Ms. Shade, an artist. “I can’t even listen to him anymore. He had such an opportunity, but all this ‘audacity of hope’ stuff, it’s blah, blah, blah. For all the independents he’s going to gain, he’s going to lose a lot of progressives.”

Here’s the problem, my dear Ms. Shade, while Obama is a Democrat, his policies are geared toward the center, and rightly so, since he wishes to get rid of blue and red states, and to unify America. Where did you think this unification would come from? The far left?

A very good op-ed piece in the New York Times last week discussed this topic of Obama’s move to the center:

When an extremely intelligent politician tells you over and over and over that he is tired of the take-no-prisoners politics of the last several decades, that he is going to get things done and build a “new consensus,” he is trying to explain that he is all about compromise.

Critics are accusing Obama of flip-flopping and shifting positions on key issues in his campaign, including the war in Iraq, and just last week, the wiretapping bill that passed through Congress, among others.

On the Iraq war issue, for one, I believe his plan is still far superior to John McCain’s, in that we will actually be on the road to withdrawal once Obama’s in office. And I think its important for Obama to talk to our military leaders to determine how quickly that withdrawal can proceed without putting American troops at risk.

As for FISA, his compromise also makes sense, although I would hope that once in office, the senator takes a closer look at the wiretapping program and revises it.


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  1. goodtimepolitics said,

    Well Obama has lied to his far left base that helped him beat Hillary, and so they should be upset! He has lied on all the issues to date and will do or say anything to become president to the point of throwing his own family under the bus!

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