July 15, 2008

8-point lead for Obama

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A new Washington-Post / ABC News poll shows Barack Obama is holding an 8-point lead over John McCain, the Washington Post reports.

Voters view Obama as the candidate best prepared to fix the nation’s economy, which continues to be the number one concern for voters in this race — half of the country labels the issue as “extremely important” to their vote. Gasoline and energy prices come in behind the economy and the Iraq war ranks third in importance.

Overall, Obama continues to lead because of his domestic policies, but question his ability to deal with national security and international issues.

The new survey also found that Bush’s approval rating has hit a new low, with just 28 percent saying they approve of the way he’s handling his job. 69 percent disapprove, with 56 percent of those “strongly” disapproving.

Public perceptions of Congress are even lower with only 23 percent of respondents giving a positive rating. Congressional Democrats received a 35 percent approval rating and congressional Republicans received a 25 percent approval rating.

So what does this all mean?

Even with an 8-point lead, the Obama-McCain race is tight.

Obama needs to prove he can handle national security and international issues and needs to pick a more seasoned VP running mate, especially one who is an expert in foreign and national security.

McCain’s age is an issue for 4 of 10 respondents — he needs to pick a younger VP running mate.

Congress’ approval rating is lower than that of the president. This is probably because the Democratic Congress has failed to deliver many of the reforms for which they were elected.

Bush’s approval rating hits an all time low — no real question why.


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