July 17, 2008

FOX claims Jesse used ‘N’ word

Posted in Politics tagged , , at 8:43 pm by Katharine Lackey

FOX News is claiming that Rev. Jesse Jackson used the ‘N’ word in off-air remarks when talking about how he felt Obama talked down to black people. (Read the story at CNN). Last week, FOX released video comments Jesse made while off-air, but the remarks this week were not recorded.

Jackson is reported to have said Obama was “talking down to black people,” and referred to blacks with the N-word when he said Obama was telling them “how to behave.”

This leads me to another FOX rant. First of all, the network has no verifiable “proof” of the comments and is releasing them ONE WEEK after the original video. It seems as if they are just trying to keep the story in the news to continue to draw up controversy. In addition, they’re not releasing the transcript.

Though a Fox spokesman confirmed to The Associated Press that Jackson used the slur, the network declined to release the full transcript of the July 6 show and did not air the comments.


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