July 22, 2008

China using Spider-Man like tactics

Posted in Offbeat tagged , , , , at 12:08 am by Katharine Lackey

Police on Segways … shooting… webs?

Yup, you read that right. China is mobilizing anti-terrorism forces to protect the city during the Olympics, fully equipped with SWAT teams on Segways shooting Spider-Man like nets, USA Today reports.

The Spider-Man like devices are actually guns that shoot a nylon net that ensnares suspects.

Concerns have also been raised as to whether police could fall of the Segways as a result of the recoil of the gun, although the Segway apparently has a stabilizing mechanism that takes care of this.

Other security systems are also in place including a reward of $73,000 for anyone who warns police of a major terrorist threat.

Police at roadblocks now inspect all Beijing-bound vehicles on every route into the Chinese capital. Subway riders within the city undergo baggage checks.

Vice President Xi Jinping told a “mobilization” rally held off Tiananmen Square last week that “a safe Olympics is the most significant symbol of a successful Olympics in Beijing and also the most important symbol to display the national image of China.”

Another extra security system: surface-to-air missiles around the major Olympics venue.

Photo and graphic from USA Today.


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