July 23, 2008

Fist Bump USA

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The fist bump, or “terrorist fist jab,” as one FOX news reporter refered to it, is making its way into the business circle, replacing the more common handshake, USA Today reports. If we’re unlucky enough, ththe phrase “that’s a firm handshake you got there,” will be downgraded to “that’s a sweet fist bump.”

According to the USA Today article, though, not everyone is happy with the bump.

“I have not encountered a fist bump and would judge anyone who tried it as a total redneck,” says Dr. Grace Keenan, medical director of Nova Medical and Urgent Care Center in Ashburn, Va. “I hope that it never is seen as a replacement for a handshake in the business community.”

The article brings up an interesting point — that the fist bump commonly occurs between two male colleagues and one source says a female employee thought the bump was a male-domination gesture. Another woman points out its an advantage for women who get crushed by manly handshakes.

The fist bump came into the national spotlight after Barack Obama and Michelle Obama bumped in victory when he clinched the Democratic nomination in early June. It was at that time that a FOX news anchor teased a segment on the fist-bump, or “terrorist fist jab.” Since then, The New Yorker published its satirical cover, which also shows Michelle and Barack engaging in a fist bump.

Now, Vanity Fair is jumping on board with its own McCain version of the New Yorker cover released on its blog, although its a lot less sensational. It depicts McCain using a walker while George W. Bush stares down from a picture above the mantle. Oh, and the constitution is burning in the fireplace. Cindy McCain is holding pill bottles, which I actually missed since I didn’t know she had an addiction a long time ago.

While the Vanity Fair’s satire on a satire is sure to get some press coverage, (as it already has) I do not think it will be received as negatively since die-hard Republicans will easily brush it off, and we’ve already gotten used to the number and variety of “John McCain is old” jokes.

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