July 29, 2008

Illi wnt 2 mak txt-walk illegal

Posted in News tagged , , , , , at 1:28 pm by Katharine Lackey

Some can talk the talk. Others can walk the walk. But apparently, its extremely hard to text and walk. In my daily news roundup yesterday, I wrote about a Chicago Sun-Times article about how dangerous texting while walking can be.

In January, Illinois State Rep. Ken Dunkin, introduced legislation that would fine residents $25 and a misdemeanor if caught using a cell phone while traversing streets.

“This legislation is not laughable. On the surface it’s like, ‘Oh wow, what is this?’ But it’s becoming more and more of a common problem with people haplessly crossing an intersection and almost killing themselves.”

Research has shown that while the brain has the ability to multitask and text-walk, it’s a delicate balancing act. A number of people nationwide have apparently been killed while text-walking and young adults are frequently seen for injuries after text-walking into something or someone.

While the bill has good intentions, its language may need updating — does it ban anyone from using a cell phone in any regards when crossing the street? Or just it just ban text-walking while crossing streets?


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  1. Dan Balanoff said,

    FLUNKIN DUNKIN! After reading the article I’m alarmed that a State Representative who’s district is facing so many serious problems is spending his time introducing such unnecessary legisltaion. It’s not laughable, it’s just plain irresponsible. Ken Dunkin should be more concerned with the children being killed on his streets and the state’s buget crisis rather than the texting habbits of Chicago’s walkers. What’s he going to take on next, J walking?!
    -Dan Balanoff

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