August 3, 2008

In the News: Decapitation

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What is wrong with people?

A rash of decapitations spanning the globe seem to be taking place. In the last few days alone:

  • A Brazilian man has confessed on Friday that he decapitated and dismembers his British girlfriend.
  • A Greek man is being held after he allegedly killed and beheaded his girlfriend on Sunday.
  • A man on a Greyhound bus decapitated and dismembered his seatmate on Thursday.

Remind me to never ride a Greyhound bus. Or have a psychotic boyfriend for that matter…


July 27, 2008

News of the Day: July 26-27

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  • California became the first state to ban trans fats on Friday, The Washington Post reports. The law will phase the fats out of restaurants beginning in 2010 and baked goods by 2011.
  • Australian investigators are trying to determine what caused a gaping hole in a Qantas jet, ABC News reports. The Boeing 747 was cruising at 29,000 when a loud crack was heard and the plane dropped 20,000 feet.
  • Shia LaBeouf, co-star of the newest Indiana Jones movie, was arrested for drunk driving after an accident early Sunday morning, CNN reports. LaBeouf and his passenger were injured as was the driver of the other vehicle.

July 23, 2008

Interesting News of the Day: July 23

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Jade Ray, a high school student, along with her parents, is suing her teacher, Heather Hargett, as well as the school district after Hargett called her “ugly” and a “brat” before kicking her, the San Diego Union-Tribune reports. Ray, who has never returned to the school, is asking for $75,000 for the pain and humilation she suffered, her attornye told the Union-Tribune.

A protester in England glued his hand to the sleeve of Prime Minister Gordon Brown, the BBC reports. Dan Glass, who is a member of Plane Stupid, placed superglue on his hand, before he was set to receive an award from the minister, who was able to shake Glass in 20 seconds. After he left the building, Glass tried to glue himself to the gates of Downing Street, but was stopped.

The GAO released a new report detailing that the Defense Contract Audit Agency, which oversees contractors for the Defense Department tried to skew the results on reviews of contractor performance, the Washington Post reports.

Community colleges, once at the helm of many a Jay Leno joke, are now gaining respect, USA Today reports. Now, the institions are entering a turning point where they will be more valuable for education across a broad spectrum in the United States.

The House Armed Services Committee is weighing whether to overturn the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy for gays in the military after a bill was introduced by Rep. Ellen Tauscher, D-California, to repeal that law, according to CNN. During a hearing for the legislation, two gay former militarymen testified against the current law.

July 13, 2008

CNN T-Shirts?

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In yet another “REALLY?” moment, if you go to’s homepage, you will see a small T-shirt icon next to some of its more “entertaining” headlines and for $15 you can buy a T-shirt with that headline, which will surely be outdated by the time you receive the shipment.

On the list at the moment, exciting news stories, including…

Beirut’s Buns and Guns eatery a hit

Man drops health insurance to buy gas

Town lays down miles of pennies

Police turn tasers on themselves

Milkshake the cow thinks she’s human

Cross-dressing bandits caught on tape

… and more…

I wonder if they actually make any money off these? How many have they actually sold?